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In a recent survey of almost 1000 of our nurses 95% said they would recommend us to their friends or colleagues for employment.

If you are an AIN we require a minimum of 6 months paid Australian experience to join our agency. If you are a recent RN or EEN graduate we require two placements to be completed prior to joining, with one being in Aged Care. If you are an experienced RN or EEN, we only require registration to apply.

Our recruitment process is thorough, and the team take time to ensure we are hiring the right nurses and carers. Please allow up to 2 weeks for our recruiters to get in touch regarding your application.

Our online application system will only allow you to apply through the website once. If this is the case, simply send your up-to-date resume to applications@caringforyou.net.au

Depending on the types of shifts you are seeking; we can offer you as much or little work as you like. Many of our personnel choose to work 6 days per week. Your flexibility with your availability will optimise your shift offers.

Yes, Caring For You offer a diverse range of education and training opportunities to our staff, including online modules and face to face, interactive workshops.

Our pay week is Monday morning to Sunday night. You will receive your payslip by email on Thursday afternoon. Funds will be deposited into your bank account overnight Thursday. Example pay week Monday 4 February to Sun 10 February, payslip and funds for this period will be received Thursday 14 February.

Simply log into the members app to update your details.  This information is relayed to our Payroll specialists and entered in our system for your next payment.

Please CLICK HERE and complete the form.

If you have already left the facility, please call our allocations team on 1300 369 206.

The C4U Member's APP only works on Australian Mobile devices.

Yes absolutely. We understand that your uniform and ID badge will take a few days to arrive at your home address. In the meantime, you can attend shifts wearing either a plain, well presented navy, black or white polo shirt. Please advise the allocations team when they confirm your shift, so we they able to notify the client. 

Many of our available shifts are not released by our allocations team. We always call our members who have availability entered in their app as a first preference. The best way to be offered shifts is to always ensure that your availability is up to date. If you need assistance in entering your availability, please call the team on 1300 369 206.

We are here to help! Simply give us a call 1300 369 206 and we can assist you.

Congratulations on your Nursing Registration! We would like you to continue your Nursing Career with Caring for You. Simply send us and email upgrades@caringforyou.net.au or call us on 1300 369 206 and we can assist you with your upgrade request.

If you are unable to complete your shift please call 1300 369 206 

We understand that sometimes traffic conditions or other things outside of your control may cause you to be slightly late for a shift. If you are running late, please call the allocations team on 1300 369 206 to advise of your estimated time of arrival to you shift.

If you are moving address, please call 1300 369 206 

As a nurse and/or midwife you are required to meet the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s (NMBA) registration standards, these obligations include having appropriate PII arrangements in place when you practise your profession. The NMBA’s Registration standard: Professional indemnity insurance arrangements requires enrolled nurses, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and midwives to hold insurance cover in their own name to retain evidence of their insurance and to provide it to the NMBA on request. Please note It is a compulsory requirement to hold your own PII when working as a registered practitioner with Caring for You to ensure adequate and appropriate cover for all aspects of your practice. Evidence of your current PII will be requested upon employment and or Upgrade as a registered practitioner within our organisation.

For further information please see the attached document from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. View Document



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