Quality Policy

Company Policy

  1. Summary
    • This document defines the Quality policy in detail.
    • The purpose of this policy is to outline our Quality Objectives, our Vision and Mission, along with our Commitments, Values and Behaviours.
  2. Policy Statement
    • To exceed our customer’s expectations for service delivery; with skilled/compassionate members, prompt allocations every time and quality and excellence in all we do.
  3. Quality Objectives
    • We endeavour to consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations with regards to excellence in quality of personnel, systems and processes ensuring compliance with all regulations.
    • Respond to complaints or feedback by acting immediately and decisively, thereby aligning and improving our customer service offering.
    • Identify, report, investigate and resolve all non-conformance and take corrective action to prevent recurrence.
    • Constant evaluation of all systems and processes to strive for long term and continual improvement.
    • Educate and train our people to continually improve their skills, awareness, and knowledge to deliver quality practices.
    • Maintain and measure our systems to meet or exceed the applicable standard or statutory obligation.
    • Uphold regulatory compliance including ongoing and regular review of statutory obligations, standards and codes of practice that apply to our organisation.
    • Commitment to quality and continuous improvement process, through ISO 9001:2015 Quality certification.
    • To foster a culture that supports our quality objectives.
  4. Our Vision
    • Caring for You Nursing Agency matching over 1,000 of Australia’s best healthcare professionals with the most respected healthcare clients daily across Australia.
  5. Our Mission
    • Simply the Best Nursing Agency!
  6. Our Commitment
    • To our customers, employees, communities, environment, and other interested parties, we promise to provide services of the highest standard with respect, compassion, integrity, inclusion, stewardship, collaboration, and continuous improvement at the forefront of everything we do.
    • We operate with effective governance and high standards of integrity. We seek transparency and dialogue with our stakeholders to improve our understanding of their needs. We take our commitment to economic, social, and environmental sustainability seriously, and extend this expectation to our partners.
  7. Our Values
    • Thrive – to be fully engaged and wholeheartedly embracing your work and growing into your true self.
    • Integrity – holds strong moral principles, honour yourself and those around you by being candid and authentic in all you do.
    • Perseverance – contributing to evolution of the environment around you, not matter what challenges you encounter.
  8. Our Behaviours
    • I ACT: Integrity  |  Accountability  |  Continuous Improvement/Quality Management |  Teamwork/Collaboration
  9. Policy Review
    • This policy will be reviewed on a biennial basis by the Executive Team. Any proposed changes to this policy must be approved by the CEO.

Kelly Taylor CEO

Approval Date: 27/10/2023