Client's COVID-19 Update

1st February, 2023

Dear Valued Client, 

The safety of our clients, their residents and staff are paramount, where Caring for You continues to implement measures, recommendations, and guidelines as our ongoing commitment throughout the COVID19 pandemic. 

Our highly trained Allocations Team are committed to managing COVID19 to ensure we are aware of any confirmed cases within any facility we supply to.  Our team also ensure upon confirmation of an employee testing positive; their file is temporarily suspended until isolation requirements are completed.  

To ensure the highest level of safety, our daily operations implement the following process:

  • Employee notifies Caring for You of confirmation of positive COVID19 test.
  • Employee is immediately suspended from accepting future shifts.
  • Employee is required to complete isolation obligations as per The Department of Health (state specific).
  • Allocations team complete assessment of shifts worked by the employee within infectious period and notify any relevant clients and the Department of Health.

How our daily operations ensure the highest level of safety of our clients:

In addition to the above, our Nurse led Allocations Department have implemented a thorough investigation strategy prior to any member accepting a shift using the following process.

COVID19 questions are reviewed weekly and uploaded to our members app where members are required to read and answer NO to the following COVID19 questions:

  • Do you have any clinical symptoms of COVID19?
  • Are you or any of your household contacts required to or currently should be isolation.
  • Are you awaiting the results of a PCR COVID19 test?

If employees have answered YES to any of the daily questions, they are unable to pick up any shifts until their isolation period has ended.

These questions are reviewed daily via updates from Department of Health in each state.

We continue to communicate COVID19 updates to our employees on a regular basis and the following is from our most recent update:

  • Employees are to remain updated on COVID19 restrictions, testing, and isolation requirements applicable to their state.
  • Increased screening and testing will be conducted on admission at most facilities across all states including asymptomatic rapid antigen testing.
  • All employees are required to wear face masks which remain in place during their entire shift.
  • PPE guidelines must be followed as per Department of Health Guidelines applicable to each state and Caring for You Donning and Doffing Policy. 
  • As COVID19 Safe Plans are updated in accordance to changes in the pandemic Caring for You request support from our clients in providing this documentation as requested and as per Work Safe requirements.

To date, Caring for You has partnered with clients to support their workforce COVID19 contingency plans and continue to offer clients complete staffing solutions of all qualifications whilst maintaining stringent monitoring processes to ensure infection control measures are of the highest standard. 

Caring for You has been recognised by the Department of Health and Work Safe Victoria for our excellence of practice in response to the COVID19 pandemic. 

We look forward to supporting you now and into the future. 

If you require any further information, please contact our Allocations Department on 1300 369 206.

Kind Regards,

Laura Stetter

General Manager - People & Culture