Best Dose Medication Webinar

Callout to Caring for You RNs & EENs in Brisbane!

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FREE Best Dose Medication WEBINAR!

Thursday, 13th January 1200 -1300 (AEST - Queensland Time)

BESTmed is an Electronic Medication Management System used in the Aged Care Industry.  We offer members access to a webinar training session each month.

New Direction Care at Bellmere will require all nursing staff to complete this training before accepting shifts.

The Training Involves:

  • How to login to BESTmed
  • How to sign for packed and non packed medication
  • How to apply patches, give insulin and warfarin
  • Administering PRN, NIM or Emergency Medication
  • Online Ordering through BESTdose
  • How to add a new Prescriber to the system and assign residents

Please Note: This training is FREE OF CHARGE and the session runs for about 40min (dependant on number of questions) via ZOOM.

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