Student Nurse

We provide regular, free upskilling and training refreshers for our nurses and carers all year!

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Student Nurse Training

Caring for You is committed to developing the clinical skills of our members through high quality, accessible education, and training. We provide easy access to training for all our Members through a combination of both online and interactive face to face workshops.

By delivering quality training and education sessions to all classifications of members, Caring for You can enhance and provide our Members with remarkable healthcare skills to utilise within our clients’ healthcare settings. This process strengthens the quality of care our Members deliver to our clients.

Mandatory training for all Members includes Louise O’Shea No Lift training (manual handling) and CPR (annual requirements) and first aid every 3 years (PCAs) which are face to face courses. We additionally also require annual completion of Hand Hygiene & Infection Control, Elder Abuse, and Fire Safety training.