Best Dose Medication Webinar

Callout to Caring for You RNs & EENs!

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FREE Best Dose Medication WEBINAR!

Second Thursday of the month

  • Thursday 13th October

BESTmed is an Electronic Medication Management System used in the Aged Care Industry.  We offer members access to a webinar training session each month.

This will be helpful for all members wanting to learn more about electronic medication management systems across Aged Care. Some sites are now requiring nursing staff to complete this training before accepting shifts.

The Training Involves:

  • How to login to BESTmed
  • How to sign for packed and non packed medication
  • How to apply patches, give insulin and warfarin
  • Administering PRN, NIM or Emergency Medication
  • Online Ordering through BESTdose
  • How to add a new Prescriber to the system and assign residents

Please Note: This training is FREE OF CHARGE and the session runs for about 40min (dependant on number of questions) via ZOOM.

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