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<div class='banner'><h2 class='h2-text1'>Welcome</h2> <h2 class='h2-text2'> Australia's largest Nurse owned agency..!</h2> <h2 class='h2-text3'>As a mother I enjoyed Agency work but was disappointed by the sales focus, to me the serendipty of our care focus is that we blossomed to Australia's largest Nurse owned agency.</h2> </div> <div class='banner'><h2 class='h2-text1'>Outstanding Personnel</h2> <h2 class='h2-text2'>...because everything is done from a Nurse's perspective </h2> <h2 class='h2-text3'> Clients tell me our personnel are outstanding, I know this is true because everything we do is done from a Nurse's perspective and all 2,300+ have been interviewed face to face for their warmth and skill.</h2> </div> <div class='banner'><h2 class='h2-text1'>Extensive Service</h2> <h2 class='h2-text2'>...the difference is that 'Nursing is our life! </h2> <h2 class='h2-text3'>  I am often asked how in an industry traditionally dominated by corporates, that we have such a diverse service with so many shifts for our nurses, the secret I believe is that Nursing is our life! </h2> </div> <div class='banner'><h2 class='h2-text1'>Stunning Technology</h2> <h2 class='h2-text2'>...I am staggered by the number of Clients and Nurses Online </h2> <h2 class='h2-text3'> In developing our own software I had my fingers crossed and was relieved when told how quick and simple it was to use. Now I am staggered by the number of clients and nurses Online.</h2> </div> <div class='banner'><h2 class='h2-text1'>Recruitment Expertise</h2> <h2 class='h2-text2'>...if you are thinking of a job change register with us today...</h2> <h2 class='h2-text3'> Virtually every day I see that we have placed a DON or CCC from our data base without ever being advertising, my suggestion is if you are thinking of a job change register with us today.</h2> </div> <div class='banner'><h2 class='h2-text1'>Fabulous Events</h2> <h2 class='h2-text2'> ...make new friends and enjoy yourself! </h2> <h2 class='h2-text3'> My first function was a Music Trivia Night which was a little slow until I tripped into the tables, since then they have all been a lot of fun, with both nurses and clients making new friends.</h2> </div> <div class='banner'><h2 class='h2-text1'>Travelling Nurses</h2> <h2 class='h2-text2'> ...make your trip to Australia your experience of a lifetime. </h2> <h2 class='h2-text3'> Before I was married I loved my time travelling around the UK as a Nurse. I know that with our knowledge and locations, that we can help make your trip to Australia your experience of a lifetime.</h2> </div> <div class='banner'><h2 class='h2-text1'>Continuous Training </h2> <h2 class='h2-text2'>...'No Lift' is available for clients facilities for free. </h2> <h2 class='h2-text3'> At the start I couldn't afford instructors so I qualified and taught 'Louise O'Shea No Lift' myself, which we still teach along with other CPD options. Plus No Lift is available for clients facilities for free.</h2> </div>
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