Member's COVID-19 Update

12th January, 2022 


Dear Valued Member, 

We would like to thank you for your dedication and commitment to Caring for You throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of you continue to work tirelessly to assist our clients and it is greatly appreciated.
As always, Caring for You is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all staff, patients, and residents in relation to the COVID-19 and therefore, are closely monitoring and being guided by the updates and directives from The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). We need to remain vigilant in ensuring our practices and policies can help protect the most vulnerable members of our community.

Updated COVID Policy 

Please read our updated COVID POLICY to ensure you remain compliant with all requirements relating to current Covid-19 requirements.

COVID-19 Third Dose/Booster 

We also request that any employee that has received their third dose or Booster for the Covid-19 vaccination send through proof of this only in the form of your Medicare Immunisation Summary to as soon as possible. Please note Covid-19 Digital Certificates cannot be accepted for your booster as they do not provide the required detail.  
As COVID19 restrictions vary from state to state, we encourage our members that it is their responsibility to remain updated via the following websites:

Our COVID19 Team and Allocations Consultants are also up to date with current guidelines and restrictions and can be contacted on 1300 369 206 if you require any information in relation to working any of our shifts.


New South Wales


South Australia

Other Important Information

  • Face mask requirements:
  • All aged care visitors including contractors must wear a mask in any indoor space (state specific).
  • All workers must wear a face mask when in any indoor space and any outdoor space when staff are engaging in face-to-face contact with a resident or visitor (state specific).

Other measures may include:

  • Onsite COVID19 rapid antigen testing, including admissions, or residents returning from leave (state specific).
  • Reducing foot traffic in and out of facilities (state specific).
  • Increased focus on staff, contractor, and visitor screening (state specific).
  • Increased use of PPE in aged care facilities (state specific).
  • Requests for proof of Negative COVID19 tests (state specific).
  • Requests for proof of Vaccination status.
  • Personal Protective equipment (PPE):
  • Ensure you comply with PPE requirements as per your relevant state.

COVID19 Updates: Please note the measures that continue to apply to all Caring for You employees:

  • Continuous compliance with the Caring for You COVID19 policy.
  • Answering our COVID19 questions each day via our app prior to accepting any shifts with Caring for You.  If you have answered NO to any questions, please contact our Allocations Department ASAP on 1300 369 206.
  • Co-operation to abide by the given advice from the Department of Health and Human Services across each state.
  • If you have developed any symptoms, been deemed a close contact, a confirmed case of COVID19, or alerted of any Tier 1 exposure sites across Australia.  
  • If you have travelled overseas within the last 14 days, you are required to notify Caring for You immediately and comply with all Department of Health requirements.  To return to work you will need to meet the requirements as stated in the COVID19 policy.
  • Members may be required to sign COVID19 declarations, undertake COVID19 rapid antigen testing, provide proof of vaccination status, complete health assessments or regulatory checks as per our facilities request when arriving on shift, we ask that you comply with these requests.
  • Remain updated via the Department of Health sites in each State with changes in COVID19 symptoms which may also include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. 

As COVID19 pandemic is constantly evolving, Caring for You will continue to update our members as the situation changes.

Again, we appreciate your ongoing dedication and hard work and will continue to keep you up to date with Covid-19 updates and changes.

If you require any further information, please contact the COVID19 team at

Kind Regards

COVID19 Team

Caring for You Nursing Agency