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"Nursing is our life"

Several years ago a friend, who is an executive with a large Aged Care organization, rang me and said, "I am tired of using expensive recruitment companies who know very little about our industry. Louise, you and your staff are nurses; you live, work and play with nurses, surely you can find us a nice DON!" A couple of phone calls later, and to both of our surprise, Caring for You had placed its first Director of Nursing.

Virtually every day now we place a healthcare professional in permanent employment. We have an experienced team of recruiters, great clients, and opportunities and excellent candidates. But what we also have is a clever piece of online software called 'Triage' that enables our thousands of members, clients and external applicants to advertise, request or view new employment opportunities quickly and easily at any time.

Traditional recruitment methods are slow and expensive. And who has the time or the money to waste? Caring for You's technology and networking provides an economical way for clients to source fabulous staff and for healthcare professionals to gain the best possible employment, quickly.

If you are an organisation seeking new staff or an individual seeking a new permanent opportunity, we have economical rates and a sophisticated profiling system. The most valuable difference in our service, however, is still people. Nursing is our life and we are here to help make it yours if you so choose!

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