Registered Midwife Jobs

The Registered Midwife is responsible for the provision of patient / client focused holistic midwifery care to those assigned to him/her, in order to achieve desired clinical outcomes.

  • Must be a Registered Midwife and hold current registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
Key Accountabilities
  • Practice in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, National Competency Standards for the midwife and Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (where applicable)
  • Delivery of consumer centred care that meets best practice standards
  • Provide quality patient care using evidence-based approach and in line with Client's Policy and Procedure.
  • Facilitate service coordination where possible to ensure broader health and well-being issues are supported
  • Achievement of best practice standard
  • Understand the application of National Safety and Quality Standards to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory bodies in maintained
  • Demonstrate respect for individual's values, customs and spiritual beliefs to ensure patient care is effective and culturally appropriate.
  • Adherence to National Safety and Quality Standards
  • Establish and maintain effective communication within a multi-disciplinary
  • Ensure Mandatory and relevant clinical competencies are completed within designated timeframes
Key Tasks
  • Provision of direct patient care through a consumer centred approach and within scope of practice
  • Midwifery care for allocated patients
  • Ensures all work is completed accurately on time and in accordance with client's policies and procedures
  • Ongoing patient assessment, monitoring and consultation
  • Involve patient and family in care planning and goal setting
  • Explanations of services provided
  • Arrange appropriate schedules for patient care
  • Ensure appropriate referrals to other members of the interdisciplinary team as necessary
Key Tasks
  • Education to the mother and family members
  • Be Accountable for your own Midwifery practice within the guidelines as established by AHPRA
  • Ensure provision of care is within guidelines of the current policies and procedures of the Client
  • Maintain patient records in accordance with Hospital/Department standards
  • Maintain responsibility for the delivery of high quality, holistic care to the patient
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