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What is an Assistant in Nursing - AIN job ?

Assistant in Nursing (AIN) is that amazing link between the patient and resident nurses. They provide support services to registered and enrolled nurses (RN, EN) as well as general personal care of the patient. This is a wonderful job with many important responsibilities.

These responsibilities vary depending on the healthcare setting in which an AIN finds themselves. At Caring for You nursing agency, our AINs are typically tasked the following:

Key Accountabilities
  • Provision of quality resident care as per the individual resident care plan
  • Clear documentation of resident outcomes as per each client's procedures
  • Recognise changes in a resident's health status and report appropriately
  • Adhere to all relevant workplace safety laws and regulations
  • Ensure the workplace is a safe one for self and colleagues
  • Comply with legislation, regulations and codes in the workplace relating to the role
  • Workplace Health & Safety Responsibilities

On a normal day, an AIN can expect to carry out general personal care and hygiene tasks. These have to comply with the resident's care plan, a set schedule, and the directions of the registered nurse (RN).

Key Responsibilities
  • Assist with basic care needs in daily living.
  • Relay resident enquiries to the RN and explain the answers given. The AIN is the link between the RN and the resident.
  • Record resident outcomes and status appropriately.
  • Report workplace risks to management.
  • Report resident risks to management.
  • Change simple dressings.
Who Will You Work With As an AIN?

At Caring for You, we work with the elderly, people who require special care, and anybody else who needs our services. Our AINs are the people who spend the most time with these residents and their families. No matter the patient, our goal is to provide the best care we can to these people.

We go to these people wherever they are: to hospitals, retirement and aged care facilities, special care centers, and even to their own homes. Depending on the arrangement with the client, the care we provide can range from regular visits to full-time care. Caring for You has policies and procedures for all these.

What Courses/Training/Certification Do You Need For an AIN Job?

If you want to join Caring for You, congratulations! You will be part of a 4000+ strong team of wonderful nurses and carers dedicated to providing the best care. You can have the work-life balance you have always wanted, as well as many opportunities to pursue your career dreams.

But first, you must meet our minimum qualifications. Caring for You is very particular about the qualifications of those who work in our team. As a minimum, you will require:

  • Certificate III in Aged Care or Individual Support, or an equivalent.
  • Certificate IV in Aged Care, or
  • You have completed two nursing placements and are working towards a qualification.

What is a Personal Care Assistant - PCA Job?

Personal Care Assistants, or PCAs, render their valuable care services to residents who are unable to do so for themselves. They are also known as caregivers or health aides, and their job is to ensure that the sick, injured, mentally ill, or physically disabled are cared for.

Needless to say, this is a job that can be demanding both emotionally and physically, yet it is also highly fulfilling and rewarding. At Caring for You, PCAs can expect to work with remarkable residents. All it takes is some drive and heartfelt empathy. Some of the key duties and responsibilities include the following.

Key Responsibilities
  • Providing quality resident care according to their individual care plans.
  • Documenting their progress and outcomes.
  • Monitoring resident's progress and status, and reporting appropriately.
  • Adhering to all safety laws and regulations at the workplace.
  • Maintaining workplace safety at all times.
  • Complying with legislation, regulations, and codes at the workplace and relating to the profession.
  • Complying with workplace health and safety responsibilities.

Apart from these, the PCA is also tasked with various duties in the normal course of their work. These include routine personal care, as well as any other tasks assigned by resident nurses.

Key Duties
  • Assisting residents with daily activities including personal care and hygiene.
  • Following the care plan as set by and agreed upon with the resident nurse.
  • Recording patient outcomes appropriately.
  • Building working relationships with the families of residents to help improve their lives.
  • Reporting risks at the workplace to management.
  • Reporting any resident risks to management.
Qualifications You Need to Work As a PCA

If you want to join Caring for You as a PCA, all you need is to meet our threshold qualifications which allow us to provide quality service to all our residents.

  • Certificate III in Aged Care or Individual Support, or an equivalent.
  • Certificate IV in aged care, or
  • You have completed two nursing placements and are working towards a qualification.

Why Work As An Assistant In Nursing - AIN / Personal Care Assistant - PCA For Caring for You Agency?

Working as a PCA or AIN is a rewarding experience. For those working toward higher qualifications and possibly higher jobs in healthcare, it is an important bridge to helping you get where you want. If nothing else, you get to gain first-hand experience and earn your way through school.

At Caring for You, we believe that working as a personal care assistant or assistant in nursing is more than that. It is a calling, a duty, and a very important career. As a PCA or AIN, you will be working to help those who need your assistance. But what do you get in return?

Benefits of Working As a PCA/AIN at Caring for You

  • Flexible working hours. For many PCAs/AINs, you get to work in shifts as a team. At Caring for You, we understand that sometimes you need to work certain shifts. That is why we have an app for our members. You can choose the shifts you prefer to work right from your phone. To get the app, download it here at the AppleStore for iPhones or the Play Store for Android.
  • Exposure. As a PCA or AIN at Caring for You, you will be exposed to many working opportunities such as paediatrics, elderly care, acute care, among others. You have the opportunity to pick up experience in many different areas. You will become a highly professional and versatile caregiver who can work in any situation.
  • High demand for jobs. There is always a demand for personal care assistants/assistants in nursing. With the right experience and qualifications, you will never be out of work. We are uniquely positioned to provide placement opportunities in all types of jobs for nurses, midwives, theatre techs, PCAs, and AINs in Australia.
  • Scholarship opportunities. You can advance your career at Caring for You.
  • Industry-leading insurance. Once you join our team, you are automatically covered through our insurance program which has been consistently rated as the best in the industry.
  • Ongoing support. At Caring for You, we are one team who like to work together, play together, and advance together. We know that sometimes you can be overwhelmed, and you can always count on your team at the agency to get you through it.
  • Fun events. In the spirit of support, you get to attend fabulous events with your peers as you bond and have fun.

Caring for You offers training opportunities to keep your skills up to standard and current in the industry. Caring for You offers training opportunities in Queensland and Victoria to help you develop your career more. You can get your CPD hours through physical training and lots of high-quality, free online training.

There are many more benefits that are exclusive for those who seek the golden path of becoming PCAs and AINs. At Caring for You, we are always looking for PCAs and AINs like you. As the largest nurse owned nursing agency in Australia, we are uniquely positioned to provide unique benefits more than any other potential employer.

Where can I work as an Assistant in Nursing - AIN / Personal Care Assistant - PCA for Caring for You?

Caring for You operates in multiple locations all over Australia where you can work as a PCA or AIN. Depending on where you are posted, you can work in a hospital, a care home, or even in residents' own homes. It's all about providing care where it is needed most.

As part of Caring for You, you will have the flexibility of being able to work in many different locations all over Australia. These locations currently include:



New South Wales

What Do I Need To Apply As An Assistant In Nursing - AIN / Personal Care Assistant - PCA For Caring For You?

At Caring for You, we take particular care to make sure that only the right people join our team. We maintain very high health care standards. Don't worry though; we think you may be the Personal Care Assistant / Assistant in Nursing that we're looking for!

As proof of your suitability for this role, here is what you will need to provide.

PCA/AIN Checklist

  1. Certificate III in Aged Care.
  2. Employee police check (not a volunteer or student check.)
  3. Tax file number.
  4. 100 points of ID: passport, birth certificate, citizenship documents, Medicare card, driving licence.
  5. Superannuation details (Fund name, USI, Member Number)
  6. Bank details (BSB & Account number).

Apart from these general documents, you also need to have the following records:

  • Annual flu vaccination.
  • Statutory declaration (signed and witnessed prior to the interview).
  • Immunisation records or serology testing record.

For all acute and some community shifts, you must have:

  • Employee Working With Children Check.

If you are a non-resident in Australia, you must have:

  • A Visa Grant Notice.

The following three competencies must be renewed annually:

  • Hand hygiene.
  • Infection control.
  • Manual handling.

You must have attended a practical course (not an online one) on the following:

  • CPR certificate, valid for one year.
  • First Aid Certificate, valid for 3 years.

If you have all the right qualifications and documents, you might be the PCA or AIN we are looking for! If you decide to apply, please make sure you upload all the right documents to help us streamline your application. Should your application passes our initial screening stage, we will get in touch as soon as possible to arrange a formal interview.

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"I started this business because I was after a work-life balance and I knew other nurses were after that too"
- Louise Thomson, CEO

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