Meet Belle




Belle's history with Caring for You precedes her current CEO role. In 2012 she began working in Allocations, and once she started her nursing training, she worked as an AIN for Caring for You across a range of aged care facilities and hospitals.

Belle's experience as a nursing student gave her valuable insight into the potential issues student nurses, and newly registered nurses would have in beginning agency work.

Armed with this information, she collaborated with the Caring for You's People & Culture team to build and deliver education to those groups, which is now a cornerstone in Caring for You's education.

While Belle's succession plan was expedited due to unfortunate circumstances, and her background is not that of a typical CEO, her first-hand understanding as an agency nurse and carer brings a wealth of experience to her role.

Being on the nursing frontline has given Belle a qualified, thoughtful approach to dealing with people and a willingness to learn and grow, making her a great leader for a sustainable future for Caring for you, their members and the people they serve.