Companionship - Level 1

" In very much the same way in which a daughter may visit her mother, a Partenaire will arrive, have a cup of tea and chat, followed by a quick check around the house to make certain everything is ok"

Partenaire European style care for Australian Senior Citizens

Our Partenaire service provides experienced companionship for clients who are able to do personal things for themselves but have challenges with companionship, isolation and transportation.

In the same manner that an Au Pair is trained as a nanny for children, a Partenaire is experienced in the companionship of Senior Citizens. The difference between nursing and Partenaire care is that nursing concentrates on physical health whereas a Partenaire focuses on mental and emotional well being.

Historically, families lived in the same small community and children were regularly involved in the daily lives of their parents and grandparents. Today life is more transient, more global and often more independent. The unfortunate flow on effect of this transition is that many elderly people find themselves isolated from their extended families, with little or no opportunity for companionship or socialization. Our Partenaire service seeks to combat this by offering terrific company and security through:

  • Companionship:   Regular visits provide an opportunity for friendship and mental stimulus through chats, reading or games.
  • Freedom:   Escort for visits to friends, shopping trips, movies, beaches, parks, medical appointments, or even overseas travel.
  • Transportation:   Security of having a personal driver who is patient and reliable for day outings or medical appointments.
  • Peace of Mind:   Routine checks on overall wellbeing, with regular feedback to ensure loved ones are kept informed of welfare.
A Partenaire embraces the traditional culture of family care. In very much the same way a daughter may visit her mother, a Partenaire will arrive mid-morning, have a cup of tea and chat, followed by a quick check around the house to make certain everything is ok. She will then put on a load of washing, repair a blouse and take mum out for a light lunch and maybe stop by at a friend's house or park on the way home. In addition, she will give her interstate 'brother' a call and update him on how mum is going.


If you feel your loved one is frustrated by being house-bound with very limited access to visitors, or you are concerned about them being alone for extended periods of time, a Partenaire is an economical solution to a more fulfilling life and peace of mind.


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If you require more intensive care for your loved one, you might consider our Personal Care Attendants or Registered Nurses.

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