Aged Care Quality Standards

Written on the 13 January 2020 by Caring For You Nursing Agency


As a new year begins and 6 months after the launch of the new Aged Care Quality Standards, we thought now was a great time to bring our awareness back to these standards as we work alongside our clients to successfully meet them. 

It is our responsibility as nurses and carers to understand and abide by these standards in every aged care provider facility we work in and the Australian Government has provide some great tools to encourage, educate and support this implementation.

Below are links to one of their videos and information sheet for you to peruse at your convenience:

Aged Care Quality Standard Video (Video)

There are 4 key factors that you will learn in this video:

  • The framework that supports the Standards
  • What the 8 Standards are
  • The assessment process of these Standards
  • The role of the organisation in meeting these Standards

Quick Overview of the Aged Care Quality Standards (PDF) 

For further information on the Standards, please head to

Author:Caring For You Nursing Agency

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