4 Ways To Put A Smile On Your Patient's Face

Written on the 19 October 2018 by Caring For You Nursing Agency

4 Ways To Put A Smile On Your Patient's Face


Keeping your patient happy is rewarding in so many ways it's a win-win situation. It's good for morale both yours and the patient's and you can make a difference in someone's life, no matter how small or big the impact.

It can help with getting shifts positive and excellent customer service equals positive word of mouth means you are more likely be asked to come back.

It's about treating patients as human beings, letting them know that you care about them and the positive effect of cheerful and happy patients to make your day!

Here are five small ways to put a smile on your patients face!

1. Research Your Patient
Before entering the room with the patient, do a little research. Understand what they are going through, as most patients don't want to repeat themselves. Make them feel like a person, not just another patient. Listen to what they have to say and listen to their concerns, it's all about making a difference small or big.

2. Give Compliments
Who doesn't love hearing a compliment? Its one sure-fire way to make a patient smile (and a hidden bonus of making you smile too!) Patients may feel self-conscious having someone else around. Put them at ease with a compliment.

3. Small Talk
When you see your patient, you don't have to get straight to business! Have a little chat, ease their nerves. Ask them about the weather, what they did on the weekend or if they have any events coming up that they are excited about. This will put your patient's mind at ease, and make them feel human.

4. Most importantly put a smile on your face!
Smiling is contagious! If you are always greeting your patients with a smile on your face, they are much more likely to greet you with a big smile.

What other ways can you put a smile on a patients face?

Author:Caring For You Nursing Agency

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