Free Flu Vaccination

It is time to vaccinate against the Flu and Caring for You have partnered with Priceline Pharmacy to help ensure that all our members are vaccinated and compliant in accordance with the Aged Care Act 1997, Aged Care Legislation Amendment principles 2018 and the Health Services Amendment (Mandator...

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COVID-19 Immunisation Workforce

Nurses will continue to play a critical role in Australia's recovery from the pandemic as the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out commences next week. Caring for You Nursing Agency welcomes the announcement by the Federal Government that the first shipment of the Pfizer vaccine, which has been approved by the Therapeutic ...

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Broken Hearts for our CEO

It's with broken hearts that the Thomson Family announce that our devoted wife and mother Louise May Thomson departed this life suddenly on Wednesday, February 10th 2021, following complications from surgery. Louy was the Queen and the heartbeat of our family and she had an ineffable way of drawing people into our world with her vibrant ...

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The Journey to becoming a Nurse Immuniser

Have you thought about becoming a Nurse Immuniser? Our member Natalie has shared her first hand experience to answer some questions you may have and provide tips for a smooth experience.  Journey to complete the Immunisation Course I had always thought about doing the immunisation course and figured there would be a time in my career ...

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Immunisation Training - Plan ahead!

Immunisation (Nurse Immuniser) Training With the recent positive news regarding progress towards a COVID-19 Vaccine, now is the time to begin planning for future resources and demand for Independent Nurse Immunisers. Add this expertise to your qualification, so that you're ready to step in and work as an Immuniser as the vaccine become...

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