Working as an agency nurse and carer has many rewarding benefits, one being a very rewarding career! But like anything when embarking on a change you need to do your research and whether the role will be a fit for you. So, we have put together the top 7 benefits to help you with your decision. 
1. Flexibility & Free...

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2019 WORK & WIN Winter Promotion

    Caring For You is super excited to launch their new Member Promotion! To be apart of this fantastic promotion all you have to do is keep your availabilities up to date and work some shifts and you could win AN iPHONE OR AN iPHONE WATCH!!!  To make it more exciting and available to everyone, we will have...

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4 Ways To Put A Smile On Your Patient's Face

  Keeping your patient happy is rewarding in so many ways it's a win-win situation. It's good for morale both yours and the patient's and you can make a difference in someone's life, no matter how small or big the impact. It can help with getting shifts positive and excellent customer service equals positive word ...

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Centre Stage with Maria Warburton

  It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to one of our fabulous Island Holiday winners, Maria Warburton. Maria has over 10 years' experience as a registered nurse and has worked with Caring for You on and off over this time. Let's get to know Maria a little better So, Maria, what gets you out of bed in the mo...

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7 Tips To Prevent Yourself From Getting Sick This Winter

  As we move further into the miserable and cold months of winter, it becomes more difficult to prevent yourself from getting sick. With more and more people coming down with the flu and those terrible colds, it's time to take action against those dreaded viruses. After all, no one wants to be a coughing, sniffling mess do they? ...

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