A Message from the Thomson Family

It was with broken hearts that the Thomson Family announced their devoted wife and mother Louise Thomson RN RM, who was also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Caring for You Nursing Agency, departed this life suddenly Wednesday, 10 February 2021.

Louise a registered nurse and midwife was the Queen and the heartbeat of both Caring For You and the Thomson family. She had an ineffable way of drawing people into her world with her vibrant light and passion for care.

Caring for You Succession Plan

The Succession Plan, which was carefully laid out by Louise, was accelerated.  Louise's daughters, who are both RNs, have stepped into the roles of Co-CEOs to continue their mother's legacy with the desire and aspiration to honour their mother. Both young ladies have grown up within the family business and have been part of its development and success. Both have worked across all aspects of the business, as well as supporting and attending all company functions and events.

Both daughters have a natural balance of skill sets. Grace has a strength in our technical systems and processes while Belle's strength is her clinical and care skills.

Grace Thomson RN

Co-CEO | Director

Grace is a Registered Nurse having completed a double degree in Nursing and Psychology in 2016 at Deakin University and has recently completed her Honours in Psychological Science.  Grace also has extensive experience within the Health Sector in a variety of roles, across multiple organisations where she has had a broad range of experience in senior corporate and management positions.  These include Customer Advocacy Manager, Project Coordinator & Analyst and Systems Education Manager.  Having "grown up" with Caring for You, that her mother, Louise Thomson, founded, Grace is passionate and committed to empowering individuals to thrive.  Grace's strong leadership skills, IT expertise, RN qualification make her a perfect fit for her role as Co-CEO.

Belle Thomson RN

Co-CEO | Director

Belle is a Registered Nurse and completed her Bachelor of Nursing at Monash University in 2018. Recently Belle has completed her "grad year" at The Alfred Hospital in the Burns Unit. Belle has "grown up" in the business with her mother, Louise Thomson, Founder of C4U.  Belle has had considerable experience, working internally in administrative, education and training capacity at Caring for You, as well as externally as a PCA and then RN.   Belle's strength in People & Culture and her RN qualification bring a unique dynamic and leadership to her role as Co-CEO.

Supporting Grace and Belle are our long standing Leadership Team totalling a collective experience of over 30 years at Caring for You.

The C4U Leadership Team

The leadership team includes five key leaders who manage departments which include Allocations, Personnel, Client Relationships, Quality, Clinical Governance and Finance. Four of our five key leaders are nurses which is in line with Louise's principals of care and expertise and her principal "always from a nurse's perspective". Our fifth key leader is our Chief Financial Officer who is a qualified accountant.

Going Forward

Today, the organisation is a tribute to Louise's leadership. C4U is continuing to break service records and is financially sound. We have a strong corporate governance which is evidenced by our quality certification by PWC.  Caring for You has a clear strategy already in place due to Louise's vision and forward planning. Everything is set and in motion to move forward into the years ahead.

Currently we are one of the major supporters of the COVID health response and at the same time we are enjoying the proud position to hold major public and private hospital tenders, as well as holding a significant number of aged care tenders for both residential aged care and in-home aged care.

Now stretching across Australia, Caring for You is in the enviable position because of the care and compassion Louise had in looking after our nurses, our clients, our clients' patients and our internal staff.

Louise has put Caring for You on the map as Australia's leading nurse led agency which is demonstrated by the 1500+ nurses we place in shifts each week and she has successfully competed against huge international corporates.

The Thomson Family Commitment

In keeping with her love and passion for her people, Caring for You will always remain a family organisation.

The commitment of the Thomson family is to unconditionally continue to provide the love and care that Louise has fostered over the past 15 years.

"... everything we do is done from a nurse's perspective!"

Our History

Caring for You Nursing Agency was established in 2004 by Louise Thomson, a registered nurse and midwife, who saw a gap in the health industry market for well-trained professional agency nurses.

With courage and determination, Louise set out to create a company that was run by nurses for nurses. Having experienced agency work herself and enjoying the flexibility of the work-life balance that was provided, Caring for You was and will always be based on providing empathy and care for both nurses and clients.

As Australia's largest nurse owned agency, Caring for You is dedicated to providing caring personnel to our clients, who are hand-selected through our face to face interview process. This process allows us to see firsthand their nursing skill, warmth and compassion.

Our standard of excellence and what we expect of our members has secured our longevity in this business. Feedback from our latest audit report from a major government body was that we had set a standard that was not being met by other agencies.

Caring for You Nursing Agency provides a wide range of healthcare personnel to a variety of locations such as public & private hospitals, aged care facilities, universities, corporations and private homes.

Louise's business has always grown with the times and embraced technology as a key point of difference in this growing industry.

Caring for You has created a complete online system that allows our members to manage their working life in real time, all by the touch of a button on their smartphone; and our clients, who can book and cancel shifts by phone or online. This is all then put together by our allocations team, working with our online system (Triage), to match nurses to facilities. Caring for You has the perfect balance between cyber and human interactions. 

Our growth over the last 16 years is impressive and that is all due to the dedication and work ethic of Louise, our management, allocations, compliance, recruitment teams, our members and the positive word of mouth testimonials. Caring for You is not just a business name, it is the backbone of this company which is built upon the passion and pride of each and every member of our company and it is why we are still growing.

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"Caring for You is very committed to their members and clients, as without them we wouldn't exist."
Louise Thomson, Founder
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